Opt-In Pages

Opt-in pages, also known as squeeze pages (or sometimes “landing pages”) include a form where you collect the email of the prospect, usually in exchange for some free offer, such as access to a video, a white paper, an E-Book, or some other free download.

The Opt-in page is usually connected to an “autoresponder”, such as AWeber or GetResponse.  These systems allow you to send a sequenced schedule of messages to each person that signs-up, as well as special broad cast messages.

An example of a sales sequence might be as follows:

1) Immediately after sign-up – welcome email and link to the free download

2) Day 2 – reminder to read or watch the free download

3) Day 5 – Give them some other information of value related to the original item.

4) Day 7 – Now maybe you show them your sales page and ask them to buy.

5) Day 10 – Give them some other post of value, for example, answer a frequently asked or should ask question that this type of prospect would have.

6) Day 12 – Provide a video of your story, and why you started your business

7) Day 15 – Provide testimonials of existing customers

Now suppose, July 4th weekend fell between Day 10 and Day 12 – you could do a special “broadcast” email to everyone on your list on that day, expressing your gratitude for living in a free country, and perhaps offering a special July 4th coupon or rebate offer.

There are paid tools, such as LeadPages.net, that will help you design a beautiful opt-in page based on dozens of pre-built templates.  You simply find the template that best matches your business, then change a few items.  Maybe add a photo, a logo; change a little text, tune the offer, and tie it to your autoresponder account. Then voila – it will give you three options:

1) You can host the lead page on their site,

2) They can give you a Javascript snippit you can paste into your website, or

3) They can give you the entire HTML page which you can host on your own website.

In option #2 and #3, just give the code to your web designed or programmer,nand voila, you are done.  You have your lead page up and running, and you are ready to starting collecting emails, prospects, and can start marketing to them.

Full page form - a landing page
Full page form – a landing page