Sell MLM Leads

By: Salesman by Christopher L. (Flickr)

Have you thought about actually starting to sell MLM Leads?
The beginner is usually concerned about only buying the best high-quality leads for his business. However, many of come to realize that selling leads can be extremely profitable. Why?

If you are in any network marketing business, and you have already got a downline growing, congratulations! You are a leader! As you know, most people never recruit more than one or two. They are often members of the NFL – the “No Friends Left” league. They have run out of people to sponsor, and you know they will soon quit, if they don’t get into profit.

Ideally, they will grow and mature, and learn how to become great marketers, and run profitable ad campaigns. But it takes time to learn AdWords, Facebook Ads, and all the social media tools such as YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, and Pinterest. Yes, all those system can generate leads, but will they generate prospects fast enough to make your downline profitable?

What if you could provide each person in your downline with 200, 500, or 1000 leads a month? These are not the type of leads they have to call or e-mail. This is actually web traffic that could go to their own lead-capture page.   Out of that, if your team members could get a 1% sign-up rate, or even add 5% of the leads to their autoresponder each and every month, then he or she is much more likely to stay a paying member.

One of your jobs as a leader is to try out new things, and tell your downline what is working, and what is not.  I encourage you to personally try out our leads, and see how they work for you.  Use our tools to get the most of your ad spends, and be sure and test.  Test your opt-in page, test your sales page, and test your lead source.

Prelaunch Video for Traffic Academy

Formerly known as, then temporarily as “Infinite Leverage System” – ILS. Network Marketing leader Adam Whiting has come on board to help design the new funnels.

The funnels are currently being rebuilt to reflect the name change.  For now, please use this link to learn more: Traffic Authority – Full Information.