Review of High Traffic Academy

As business owners attempt to generate more traffic to their web pages, they often encounter unexpected issues and may not know how to resolve them. Knowing the right way to improve traffic-driven sales for online businesses is not something that comes easily to most people, so many business owners will need help when handling these needs. While some businesses choose to hire an online marketing specialist to increase their sales, many business owners decide to use software or online training programs to learn how to effectively manage paid traffic sources themselves. One training program, High Traffic Academy, combines the benefits of both choices by providing online video tutorials that can be accessed by subscribers at any time. By considering the information provided by a High Traffic Academy Review, it is clear to see that this product is the perfect choice for any business today.

In February 2016, HTA (High Traffic Academy) released it’s newest free introductory course.  Even though it’s original Project Breakthrough was good, now they made it 10 times better.  They actually take a mortgage broker and his wife through the course in front of your eyes.  You watch them setup their accounts, and make money by Day 14 of the course.  See my blog “Project Breakthrough Review“.

Why Choose Paid Traffic Over Free Traffic Sources?

While there are ways for businesses to increase their online presence for free, these options are not always the most effective. Search engine optimization, or SEO, includes many different free strategies for online marketing, but it requires a large investment of time. In addition, the top trends and best practices for SEO work change constantly, and poorly-done SEO can seriously harm a business in the long run. However, when managed correctly, paid traffic will nearly always bring more sales and customers to a business. Paid traffic is targeted specifically to the demographics most likely to be receptive to a company’s products or services, so it brings much higher numbers of visitors to the company’s web page. This, in turn, leads to more repeat customers and higher profits over time.

What About Search Result Rankings?

Also, one of the main ways that a company uses SEO work is to improve its rankings on Google and other search engines. Google, in particular, has very specific criteria and complex formulas that are used to determine how high a page is ranked. Obviously, companies want to have their business web page come up in the first few results on Google searches, so the competition is strong for companies to appear on the first page of results. Not everyone can achieve these high rankings, and Google is very particular about what it looks for in web pages. Massive amounts of time and effort can go into SEO work that is ineffective or even detrimental to the company’s online visibility and reputation. Rather than trying to adhere to Google’s strict standards and battle for top search rankings, it is more sensible and a better investment to use paid traffic sources.

Why Use an Online Training Program Rather Than a Consultant?

While some business leaders truly do not have the time or ability to manage their company’s own online marketing, most companies are more than capable of handling their own targeted advertising on their own. With the proper training and guidance, business owners will be amazed at how well they have improved their online profits. An online marketing consulting firm may achieve impressive results as well, but the expense for hiring a reputable consultant is quite high. With an online program like High Traffic Academy, costs are far more reasonable and less of a strain on a company’s marketing budget. This allows more money be invested in effective paid advertising. There is even a free online training course offered, Project Breakthrough, for those just starting out or for anyone who wants to brush up on the basics of targeted marketing.

What Does the High Traffic Academy Program Offer?

The High Traffic Academy is a multifaceted platform that immerses subscribers in a community of other business people and creates the perfect environment for learning. In addition to the main video training videos, users can also access other online resources, forums and other aids to help create and manage the best paid traffic sources available.

Basically the website is both a community and a collection of training courses that teach you how to get more traffic to your website, offers, and landing pages.

You can become a member of High Traffic Academy for no cost; it’s actually included when you signup to take the free 14 days training in Project Breakthrough.

Free SIgnup for the new Project Breakthrough 2.0:

Free membership will include some occasional videos, but Elite members get monthly training and benefits. Those promoting Project Breakthrough are offered three course packages at a significant discount, Start, Builder, and Champion, each containing more courses than the next. Or a person can sign-up at the “Masters Level” and have access to the entire library of courses.

The courses are not just for online internet marketers. Local businesses can also use the same strategies to bring more traffic and customers to their website and stores, thus increasing revenue. This could even eliminate the need to hire costly marketing consultants. And further, the business owner has his own best interests at heart, and know his or her business better than anyone else. Thus, they should be able to craft a better marketing message than an outsider.

Businesses will find tools to help them with proper web page design to help impress potential clients and foster more long-term customers, as well as making it easier and more attractive for potential clients to make a purchase. The way a web page is designed is a critical part in successful online marketing of any kind. Subscribers will also get help with creating the right type of effective traffic to their site using paid sources, and they also have help and pointers for Buying Traffic and managing lists once the system is in place.

Business owners who are ready to take control of their online marketing and improve their sales figures will find plenty of assistance from High Traffic Academy. This online platform helps companies to improve their paid traffic sources without needing to rely on the help of an expensive marketing consultant. This allows companies of any size to enjoy better profits from an increased amount of web visitors and sales online. High Traffic Academy helps to teach everything needed when dealing with targeted web traffic. This program has thousands of satisfied subscribers and is updated frequently to keep up with current trends.

The current courses include the following, but new ones are being added from time to time:

  1. Affiliate Marketing 101
  2. Content Marketing 101
  3. Data Secrets
  4. Email Marketing 101
  5. Facebook Champion
  6. Facebook Marketing 101
  7. Funnel Mastery
  8. Independent Biz Playbook
  9. Landing Page Secrets
  10. Media Buying ROI
  11. PPC Mastery
  12. Retargeting Adwords
  13. Retargeting with Adroll
  14. RLSA with Google Adwords
  15. SEO Traffic 101
  16. Smart Biz Playbook
  17. Twitter Marketing
  18. Video Marketing on YouTube

Start by going through the free 14-day course. I was so impressed with what I learned there, that I bought all the other courses: