What is Project Breakthrough? Can it Really Help Your Business?

What is Project Breakthrough and Can it Really Help?

Internet marketing is a growing field and more and more people are trying to break into it. Whether a person wants to learn how to do it to work as a freelancer or to apply the techniques for their own business, they’re going to need to spend quite a bit of time studying various techniques and perfecting them. Many different training platforms are available right now to help those who want to learn more, but it can be difficult to figure out if these programs are worth the time and the money for them. Below is a review of one such platform that should help anyone who is considering it determine if it’s really worth the time to give it a try.

One Training Platform to Consider

Project Breakthrough is one training platform many people have come across and may wonder if it’s worth the time. The premise is that anyone can start earning money online in as little as two weeks with only a few affordable tools . The idea is to teach someone who has never had experience working online to earn commissions to be able to make a significant amount of income per month. It’s designed to help people get results fast, working with program instructors who have a huge amount of experience in online marketing.

Who This Platform is For

This platform is for those who want more Website Traffic to their website and those who are not yet earning money online, but who want to. It’s geared toward those who have no experience with online sales and explains every step in the process in detail so those who have no experience can easily follow along and start earning money. However, it can still be helpful for those who have some experience already with sales funnels and making money online as it can help them by introducing them to new tips or faster ways to do parts of the process they might not have thought about in the past.

The Cost of the Platform

This is one training platform that is currently free. It doesn’t cost anything up front and it doesn’t require a credit card to get started. It will cost the person some time as the person will want to make sure they’re spending an adequate amount of time on the platform throughout the 14 day period so they can get as much as possible from the training materials. The free aspect means it’s well worth the try for most people who are considering it.

Learning About Sales Funnels

The basis for the platform is to learn about sales funnels and how to use them as effectively as possible. The instructors fully understand this process and have worked with it for years so they can explain the entire process in detail and show tips and tricks to start increasing conversion rates to earn more money. The training is done in a way that shows the process clearly and the content is clear, easy to follow, and professionally done so it’s easy to learn what they’re teaching. Each step of the process is explained so the person following the training can create their own sales funnel and learn how to drive more traffic to their own website.

About the Creator of the Platform

This platform was originally created by Vick Strizheus, who is incredibly successful with internet marketing on his own. He holds the record for the most income in the first two months of a person in a network marketing company. Later he added Jason McClain as a partner in his business. Jason has built 10,000 landing pages, and spends several hundred thousands a year on paid traffic (obviously making more than he spends). Vick had surveyed his audience, and found out the two biggest needs were traffic and email marketing. Thus he designed the High Traffic Academy to help people bring in as much traffic to their website as possible and to learn how to make more money on their website. He has created some of the most successful sales funnels with the highest converting rates. Their goal is to teach others how to be successful and this platform is just one way he helps others learn to create sales funnels that are successful.

New Coaches – Josh Angelo

In the last year, two other coaches were brought on board. None of these coaches are purely “hired trainers”. Each has significant business experience and success. Joshua Roche is Jason’s right hand man (Chief Marketing Officer) that handles all his Facebook and PPC (pay per click) marketing. He develops and implements all online marketing strategies for McClain Concepts (one of Jason’s nine companies). Joshua also works directly with the managers of each the other company department heads to monitor key performance metrics, ensuring that all objectives are being met. The fourth coach is Angelo Lombardo with over 20 years experience as a Vice President and Senior Executive focusing on Complex/High Stakes Negotiations, National Sales, Business Strategy, Sales Strategy, Business Development, and Team Leadership. Thus, you can expect his courses to me more based around business strategy.

Is the Platform a Good Idea for a Newcomer?

Most people who want to get into internet marketing are overwhelmed at the options they have for training. Many will spend hundreds of dollars on training programs to find out they’re not really learning everything they need to know to get started and be successful. This platform is free, meaning it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. From the testimonials of others who have tried it, the program is an excellent introduction to sales funnels and does give the person all the information they’ll need to start making sales. From the testimonials, most people would highly recommend the program as it doesn’t cost anything and, as long as time is put into following the training materials and the advice given, those who give it a try will see it can help them be far more successful at making sales online.

There are many different platforms that allow people to learn internet marketing and attempt to show them how they can be successful. This one, however, does not cost anything upfront and has been touted as one of the best platforms for those who are just getting started with internet marketing and want to learn how to be successful. If you’ve been wondering if you should give it a try, it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and sign up. It doesn’t cost anything and many who have used it believe it’s well worth the time to learn how to create a successful sales funnel to start making money online as quickly as possible.

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