New Project Breakthrough Review (2.0 – Feb 2016)

Project Breakthrough Review

This is a promising new training program for those who would like the chance to earn money online. This Project Breakthrough Review gives information on this training program. The person signs up for a 14-day online training course that covers all the aspects of starting an home-based internet marketing online business. Anyone can start an online business, but making that business successful is not so simple. It is important to understand what is required to build a successful online business and then follow through.  With this free course, you learn from two millionaires who have done it, and can show you how to do it. This program is divided into 14 days of video training sessions designed to be valuable to new Internet marketers and experienced Internet marketers as well.

There are all sorts of Internet marketing training programs out there. Some are expensive, some are “cheap”, and some are free. Initial price does not seem to indicate the quality of training or the likelihood of business success for the students. One of the main problems with many of these instructional programs is that they are not presented in a way that keeps the student’s attention and helps them to remember what they are being taught. Other programs assume the students have more beginning knowledge than they do. It is important to choose an online instructional program that is interesting as well as informative. The program must start at the new student’s level of knowledge, no matter how low it is, and add to it. If a person’s Internet marketing knowledge is at level one and the instructional program starts at a level three, it will only frustrate the student.

How Is The Project Breakthrough Training Unique?

This program is designed to teach people with no Internet marketing knowledge every aspect and technique for navigating the Internet and becoming successful Internet marketers. As a matter of fact, the program revolves around a married couple in their 30s, Mark and Kristen Barley.  They have both worked in the mortgage business for a number of years, but found that the income there was up and down, making it hard to provide a consitent lifestyle for their family.

This video-guided training is broken into 14 daily segments that are easy to follow and interesting to listen to and watch. This is step by step training with each segment leading smoothly into the next one. Each video segment is presented by Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain from the High Traffic Academy.

Each training day is designed to have a clear outcome for the student, offer specific training for that day, and give the student an assignment for the next training day. The student will be taught specific things each day and receive step by step directions to follow. If the student does every step as instructed, at the end of the 14 daily sessions they will have a clear picture and understanding of the steps to building an online business and starting to make commissions online. At the end of the training, students have the opportunity to join a Project Breakthrough affiliate program with the opportunity to earn commissions promoting an affiliate offer and selling other people’s products.

What Are The 14 Daily Training Videos?

  • Understanding and seeing the Project Breakthrough big picture
  • Building a very successful business
  • Mindset
  • Traffic Source
  • Tracking Results so you can scale-up the ads that work best
  • How to select a product to sell and prepare the essential tools
  • How to prepare a strategic campaign
  • Learning to create a custom marketing funnel
  • Getting your affiliate links ready
  • Connecting your custom funnels to affiliate offers
  • Setting up your first autoresponder campaign, including what to say in those first important emails
  • Getting traffic to your own campaign to start earning commissions

The purpose of the 14-day Free Training program is to help students build their own online businesses, earn their first commissions, and to keep doing it over and over. The student will learn to scale, leverage, and grow their business. This training goes at a slow pace so everyone can learn exactly what to do and how to do it correctly for success. Students following the training course are given several tools that are needed when starting any online business. They include autoresponder, ad-tracker, domain, hosting, and funnel builder.  There are a total of 27 income streams for products that the student person can choose to promote, so he or she can earn commissions just like Mark and Kristen did.

Each day consists of about 20 to 90 minutes of training, so anyone considering a serious online marketing business should be able to set aside the time to watch the videos, take notes, and do the short homework assignments.  The idea is to literally follow-along and do what Mark and Kristen Barley are taught each day.

The training is free and will help each person build and grow their own Internet marketing business if they watch every video training session and do every single step specified in the program including the daily assignments. This is no easy get rich quick scheme. It requires a lot of effort, time, and dedication on the student’s part. The program is designed to be viewed in order for 14 days, and there is even a certificate of completion at the end. The certificate is just a piece of paper, but what you have learned, could literally change your life.

There can be no skipped segments. For example, the video for Day 7 will not play until you have completed Day 6.  Watching all 14 segments and doing all the assignments is necessary to the success of the training.  In addition, the videos are timed, so that you cannot start Day 2 until 24 hours after you start Day 1.

The amazing thing about this program is that it is absolutely free.  NO credit card is required to sign-up and begin the lessons.

Personally, when I started this course, I set aside all the other projects I was working on, and focused on my daily assignments.  For a short investment of two weeks, you might potentially change your entire life.

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