Hi, I’m Neal Walters, web and home-based business entrepreneur. I created this site to share what I’ve been learning about the world of network marketing leads, and a great lead source that I’ve found. You can either buy leads or become a broker and sell them to yourself and your downline(s).

Leads are the one thing that every online business needs, specifically in the world of multi-level marketing. Did you know that the average recruit will sponsor less than one person? What if you could provide them with 1000s of fresh new leads and online clicks beginning the day that they sign-up with you? Could that change their future, and yours? Imagine the possibilities.

I live in Las Colinas/Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I’m also an search-engine optimization (SEO) guru, and help people get their websites to the first page of Google. Two years ago, I got a Masters in Jewish Studies from Hebrew College, and I’m continuing to take advanced classes in Bible and Hebrew texts. I have written Hebrew language tutorials and also sell them online. 30 plus years ago, I studied accounting, got an MSBA in Management Information Systems, and also went to law school at night and passed the Oklahoma Bar exam. I practiced law part time while working my old job in the corporate world full time.

For most of my career, I worked as a software developer, the last 15 years specializing in a B2B (Business-to-Business) Microsoft server product called BizTalk. I got into that when I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and love it because it involves analysis, programming, and typically communications between my client and their trading partners. In 2004, I went to an intensive Microsoft “Train the Trainer” course, then started teaching BizTalk, then finally made the decision that consulting would provider a better lifestyle than training. On top of that, I developed and sold several online software training video courses from 2005-2008.

In the world of Information Technology, I never stayed in one industry. I’ve done oil and gas, banking, mortgages, automated airline fueling, non-profit/charities, student loans, “Dot Com” Online Stores, insurance, software vendors, and state government. So I bring a lot of experience to the table, and it’s easy for me to pick up and share new concepts easily. Further, these jobs have allowed me to live in places like Tulsa, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Orlando, Naples, Boston, and Colorado Springs. So I’ve enjoyed a variety of climates and got to actually live and work in some beautiful places across the United States.

I’ll be adding a contact form here shortly… For now, the best way is to click on the “Traffic Authority” banner, sign-up for more information, and I’ll be able to communicate with you via email.