Generating Leads

Top Seven Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Although repeat customers are considered a cornerstone of a business, the business is going to need to continue to acquire new customers to keep growing. This means the business owner must continue to generate mlm leads and continue to work on marketing their business. This is something that’s going to be ongoing through the life of the business and something a business owner will want to pay attention to so they can reach as many prospective customers as possible. Although there are ways to buy leads, there are many ways a business owner can generate the leads they need without having to pay. If you’re interested in a new business opportunity or you want to expand your current business, read the top ways to generate leads below.

Create a Website or Blog

Most businesses have a website people can look at to gather more information about the business. It should answer just about any question the prospective customer might have such as why is the business unique, what does the business offer, and why should they join the business? This is a great way to pitch the business to as many people as possible. Using a variety of techniques, this website or blog can be promoted in a variety of places and reach as many people in the target audience as possible.

Create a YouTube Channel

Studies have shown that people love watching short videos on their smartphones and tablets. This can be a great way to generate new leads. The business owner can invest in an inexpensive editing program and camera to create their own videos showcasing some of the products they offer. Then, they can upload the videos to be shared on websites, blogs, social media networks and more. Prospective customers can even share the information themselves through all of these means or through email if they know someone else who may be interested in what the business has to offer.

Gather Contact Information for Prospects

On a website or blog, it’s easy to gather information for prospective customers. Simple forms can be placed on the page that allow a visitor to leave their email address so they can find out more about the business or get periodic newsletters with information on big news for the business or new products that are being released. When the business owner wants to contact as many people as possible who have already shown interest in the business, this is a fantastic way to do this. Many people are willing to leave their email address for more information, so this method can generate quite a few leads quickly.

Use MLM Social Communities

There is a variety of MLM social communities like BetterNetworker and MLM Gateway that give business owners the opportunity to network with others who have or are interested in having an MLM business. Through these websites, a business owner can generate a variety of network marketing leads and meet others who are more experience in marketing these businesses. Members can talk through email, over the phone, or in person about MLM leads and how to generate more leads as quickly as possible.

Write Articles for Other Websites

Although a business owner can write articles for their own website, they can also write articles for other websites. These articles are a great way to reach as many people as possible because they’re shown to people who do not already know about the business website. They may be posted on blogs that feature something similar to what the business offers to reach the customers that website already has. They can also be posted on websites like HubPages that allows anyone to upload and article and does the marketing of that article on their behalf.

Post Comments on Blogs or Forums

There are blogs and forums for just about any topic a person can think of. A business owner can leave comments on blogs or forums that are helpful to the other commenters. It’s important to be careful to only include helpful comments in these places as comments that seem to be spam can and will be deleted. However, by becoming a trusted follower of the blog or a trusted member of the forum, many new people may decide to check out the business.

Websites Like Craigslist

Websites like Craigslist let just about anyone post information about their business. This can be a great way to generate more leads, but it’s important to be careful when writing the advertisements and to be careful about where the advertisements are placed. Some of these websites have restrictions about where a business can post and a business owner who ignores these guidelines could have their posts removed or their account blocked. When they are careful, however, the business owner should be able to reach quite a few local leads using this method.

These are just a few of the ways a business can generate new leads. Remember, a business owner doesn’t have to do all of this at once. In fact, it’s a good idea to just choose one from the list and start there. When that is well established and easy to keep up with, go onto another one. Taking some time to learn and apply each one gives the business owner time to focus and gather as many new leads as possible. This gives them the opportunity to acquire as many new customers as possible without having to pay for leads or having to limit their pitches to family members and friends.