Running Solo Ads

Solo ads are small ads placed in e-zines each and every day. Thousands and thousands of people collect emails, then publish to that list on some schedule, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. The often use programs such as GetResponse or AWeber to deliver their ezines to the subscribers, and of course subscribers can opt-out at any time.

Each e-zine is usually built around some niche, such as golf, internet marketing, or dieting. Thus, your goal is to find the niche that will be the most responsive the ad that you run. If you want to sell an e-book on losing weight, you would select a health or dieting type niche, and if you wanted to sell to 50+ year old men, you might find that golfers best fit that category.

Here are features of solo ads:

  1. Quickly reach a high number of highly targeted customers – you can sometimes place the ad one day, and have your leads the next day.
  2. The person running the e-zine is charge of implementing all spam laws, and putting up with any complaints.
  3. Many e-zines have loyal subscribers and reads that look forward to each issue.
  4. Frequently, only one ad is included in each issue of the e-zine
  5. Some e-zines are plain text, and others are more colorful and graphical with HTML formatting. So you could run a text ad, or a graphic one by matching the proper type of e-zine.