Effective Communications Using Autoresponders

Effective Communication Is Key: The Importance Of Using Autoreponders to Follow Up With Your Business Leads

In any home-based or network marketing business, communication is key. Without effective communication, it’s impossible to complete any lead generation tasks for the business. In times past, most communication was done by phone or through one-on-one contact. Fortunately, the digital era has brought about the invention of new technologies that allow marketing and business professionals to expand their reach more efficiently and effectively. The autoresponder is just one example of this type of technology. For those who have yet to incorporate autoresponders into their network or home-based business marketing strategy, keep reading to find out why it’s vital to embrace this strategy and how people can do so in the most effective way possible.

The Benefits Of Using An Autoresponder

An autoresponder is an advanced email tool that automatically sends messages to email addresses on a specific list of subscribers. In most cases, these subscribers are people who have willingly entered their information into a form they came across on the web. Many autoresponder messages are either set to be triggered by time intervals (such as messages sent out every three days or once per week) or by specific actions (such as opening an email message, making a purchase, or subscribing to a list.).

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with using this type of software or service:

  • Email Is Popular and Efficient: Many people prefer email over talking on the phone. Reading an email takes less time and is more efficient than a phone conversation and the information can be retained for later viewing or use.
  • Information Is Key: In network marketing (as in any type of business), customer contact details are priceless. Having an email list allows marketers to continue to present their offer and message to a customer multiple times over a longer period.
  • Permission Marketing: Subscribers on an autoresponder list have willingly given the marketer their information. This means they trusted them enough to consent to having email messages sent to their inbox. This is powerful, as people are more likely to buy from those they know, like, and trust.

Options For Using An Autoresponder

When it comes to setting up an autoresponder for a network marketing business, there are generally two options:

  • Self-Hosted Autoresponders: A self-hosted autoresponder is exactly what is sounds like: an autoresponder software that is hosted directly on the business owner’s server. Having a self-hosted solution does have several benefits, such as allowing the business owner to create a customized solution for their needs, giving them the freedom to expand their lists according to their needs without having to pay more money, and allowing them to have more control over their subscribers and contact information. However, it is important to note that self-hosted autoresponders are more complex to set up and manage and cost more initially.
  • Cloud-Hosted Autoresponders: Cloud-hosted autoresponders are typically delivered as a monthly subscription service by a third party like MailChimp or Aweber. These service providers host everything, including customer contact information, on their servers, and each has their own terms or service or usage agreements that marketers must sign. The benefits of using these types of service include not having to buy server space, enjoying lower costs at the outset in exchange for a monthly fee, and having an easy-to-use interface that makes things simple and clear. This is often the best option for those who are new to autoresponders or who are not tech savvy enough for a self-hosted solution.

Developing A Successful Autoresponder Strategy

The key to success with autoresponders is being able to develop a strategy that successfully converts prospects into buyers or recruits. What follows is a viable plan for making that happen.

  • Make Use Of Segmentation: Segmentation involves creating more than one list based on the identity of the subscriber. For example, customers (those who have already purchased an item) may not need to see the same information as prospects (those who have not yet bought anything). Segment subscribers so that it becomes easier to tailor information and marketing messages to a specific audience.
  • Create Follow Up Messages: On average, a person needs to see a marketing message 7 – 14 times before they will respond to it. Once subscribers are on the list, an autoresponder can automatically send them follow-up messages created by the marketer or list-owner. Follow-up messages increase the chances that the prospect will eventually make a purchase since they are being presented with the offer multiple times.
  • Seek To Educate Rather Than To Sell: Follow-up autoresponder messages should include more information about the product and seek to educate them about the benefits. While a call-to-action is important, it is equally as important to build a relationship with the list before trying to sell them anything. Don’t be afraid to get personal with them and help them understand how the product has helped people or transformed lives in some way.

What Not To Do When Marketing Via Autoresponders

The Best MLM Leads are generated when autoresponder best practices are followed. Therefore, it’s best for any network marketer to avoid the following actions when working with autoresponders:

  • Don’t Buy Subscribers: Not only are purchased leads usually untargeted and unresponsive, it’s possible that marketers may run into legal issues doing this. Also, many autoresponder services don’t allow it.
  • Don’t Email Too Often: It’s important for marketers not to bombard their subscribers’ inboxes. Don’t badger them to buy something every day. Many marketers have found that following up every three days or twice a week is ideal.

Using Autoresponders to Follow-up with your Business Leads is vital for keeping the business alive. When it comes to essential, efficient, and effective communication, the simple truth is that autoresponders cannot be beaten.