Best Guide On How to Buy Paid Traffic

How To Buy Traffic: A Guide To The Very Best Paid Traffic Sources For Savvy Marketers

Every person who has spent even a minimal amount of time in the network marketing space understands the importance of getting fresh leads every day. Without them, a network marketer is simply out of business. However, the age-old advice of asking family and friends to buy products from a website link or approaching people at the mall or in the grocery store isn’t the way to go about getting leads.

Fortunately, there is a better way: buying traffic online. Paying for traffic allows a person to get leads quickly and, unlike organic returns, gives them more control over how much traffic they get and in what time frame. Faster and more targeted traffic mean bigger and faster profits. Read on to learn more about paid marketing, why it’s beneficial for network marketing professionals, and How To Buy Traffic that will give the best return on investment.

Paid Traffic Option #1: PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Network marketers pay a certain amount for these ads every time someone clicks on it to go to their landing page or website. Although there are tons of PPC options out there, the following three PPC engines have the furthest reach and are generally considered the best:

  • Google AdWords: Google has more than 75 percent of the market share and is the most popular search engine. It’s highly competitive and is unmatched in terms of customer reach.
  • Bing Ads: Bing is much cheaper than Google but only provides about 10 percent of the traffic that Google does. The upside to this is that marketers can find winning campaigns more quickly and sustain them for longer.
  • Yahoo Gemini: Yahoo is also much cheaper in terms of click costs. Many marketers find that the Yahoo demographic is a bit older than Google and Bing, which means they are more often looking to spend money when they click on an ad.

The key to successful PPC campaigns is using keyword tools (either paid tools or Google’s free tool) to find keywords that have a high search volume but low-to-medium competition. This gives marketing professionals a way to get traffic for a more reasonable cost-per-click instead of going after big keywords and losing too much money too quickly.

Paid Traffic Option #2: Social Networks

It is possible to get paid traffic on social networks, but those marketers who plan to do so should definitely stick with the top networks, including:

  • Facebook: This network has more than one billion active users. While the reach is extensive, the platform is also highly competitive. However, Facebook allows very specific audience targeting, which gives marketers the ability to show ads to people who have already shown interest in their products. Because Facebook owns Instagram, inventory for that platform can also be bought through Facebook.
  • Twitter: This social network allows marketers to target both demographics and keywords as well. It has incredible reach, but marketers should be advised that the ads can be a little expensive.

When it comes to lead generation with social media, consistency and engagement are key. Target ads (both wording and images) specifically to the audience and be sure to change them often, as social media audiences tend to get bored with ads very quickly.

Paid Traffic Option #3: Content Discovery

Content discovery networks allow marketers to place their ads or links on popular websites like and The Huffington Post. The image or text ads are often at the bottom or on the side of the page listed under a Related Content or Around The Web category. While there may be a few options for this type of traffic, Outbrain is the most popular and drives the most traffic to sites. While Outbrain costs a little more than Facebook or Twitter, it brings in a great deal of extremely high-quality traffic from very popular and trustworthy websites.

Paid Traffic Option #4 Direct Media Buys

Direct media buys involve negotiating for ad space directly with the owner of a web property or email list. Here are two popular ways in which network marketers can do this:

  • Look For High-Ranking Sites or Blogs: Search for keywords relevant to the market and make a note of which websites rank at the top of the organic search results. Contact those website owners (look up WHOIS information if no contact information is listed) and negotiate a fair price for placing an ad in a prominent place on the site.
  • Solo Ads: This involves finding someone with an email list and paying them a fee to mail out an advertisement to their list. Be sure to only use lists that are targeted for the market and only work with list owners who have an active relationship with their subscribers.

A Few Paid Traffic Tips For Network Marketers

Paid traffic is a great option for generating leads, but only when it’s done right. Here are a few things that network marketing professionals who are new to paid traffic need to make sure that they pay close attention to:

  • Bulk Traffic: This is usually cheap traffic that comes in the form of popups, pop-unders, and the like. Those selling this kind of traffic usually promise tens of thousands of visitors for a few dollars. Unfortunately, the traffic is usually not targeted to a specific market and may even be electronically generated by bots.
  • Copying Campaigns: Copying a campaign isn’t illegal, but it is unethical. When people do this, it cuts into profits for everyone.
  • Stay On Top Of Campaigns: Things change quickly, and campaigns may need to be tweaked regularly. Network marketers should be constantly tracking, evaluating, and optimizing their ads. This keeps campaigns effective and avoids wasting money on things that are not working.

While consistent, fresh leads are important, it’s important to know that getting the Best MLM Leads doesn’t have to be difficult or take forever to do. By investing time in developing a viable paid marketing system, network marketers can take their lead generation—and their income—to the next level.