The 3 Smartest Facebook Advertising Tips for 2016

Toronto Images. CoMany online marketers are turning their attention to the mobile market. For them, social media is old news. They will continue to sustain the status quo. But, they are losing sight of some incredible innovations that are happening at the turn of 2016. The Benefits of Facebook Advertising are obvious, but they are also evolving fast. Leads can be generated immediately by developing an incredibly dense and powerful social campaign.

How is social media evolving? What are three of the biggest social media marketing tips that can be implemented right now that will generate many leads online? Marketers are looking into changes within the audience insights, and how the quantity of their advertisements makes all the difference.

1. The Relevance of “Audience Insights”

Facebook has an incredibly versatile platform for bridging the gap between what a company expects its target market likes and what the target market actually likes. All companies are making a guess on what their target market actually wants. They assume that if their target market enjoys country music, they will also enjoy buying cheap banjo strings. It is not a huge logical leap, but sometimes a company misses the mark.

Audience Insights is an intuitive system for Facebook marketers. A lot can be written about the feature, but at its heart rests an incredibly generous tool to discover what a target market truly enjoys. A company selects a certain market within the page. For example, they can choose a target market of “people who like private school education in Chicago.” They can then receive demographic information based on this niche. They can potentially discover that 85% of the market is female, 17% is under 30, and 20% do not actually live in Chicago. That information is telling. It may also provide deep knowledge about a market that may have just been assumed before. The Audience Insight feature is still being discovered and explored, and it has only been released out of beta for a few months by the end of 2015. But, the Audience Insight angle of Facebook will become an ever greater tool for Facebook marketers in 2015.

2. A Network of Connected Advertisements

Out of all the Facebook Advertising Tips, this one may be the most important moving forward. A handful of advertisements really will not do it in 2016. Marketers will need to have 50 or more different advertisements running at any one time. They need to draw paid traffic from various resources. They also need to find out what works- and what does not- on an unrivaled and astonishingly fast scale. The rate of effectiveness is not high enough when a marketer is sticking o three or five advertisements at any given time.

A typical corporate record label may sign 100 bands a year. They do not expect to make money on 95 of them. If Rogue Wave, Dredg, and The Great Mountain Fighters failed to make a profit, Adele and Coldplay will account for any losses from the remaining 95 leads.

The strategy of the record label is often used in lead generation. A user can have 100 paid advertisements on Facebook, and the vast majority of them will not turn any kind of web traction. Some could even lose money, and that is perfectly acceptable. It is the five amazing advertisements (in this case, artists) that are going to make up for all the failures.

It is a test of trial-and-error. A social media marketer needs to legitimately deploy hundreds of advertisements to discover what will work and what will fail. They need to make some small adjustments (and some huge changes) to the formula for an advertisement to find the next home run.

3. The Future of Optimized CPM

One major point so far gone untouched is price and budget. The cost per click is imperative and unavoidable. Marketers have to pay to play, but how much should they ideally pay? The answer changes daily, and marketers have thankfully had the optimized CPM feature on Facebook to help assist them.

In short, the feature will give Facebook the freedom to change the price and CPM rate at will. Facebook’s algorithm is very complicated and largely accurate. Marketers unaware of how it works would best use the optimized platform to organize their pricing.

But, few things are better than human knowledge and expertise. A marketing team that can study and learn the reasons for Facebook’s decisions can benefit wonderfully. The future of optimized CPM may be diminishing because marketers want to know the why. They want to know why Facebook is changing the rates because that information is powerful. Smart marketers will not passively allow Facebook to just do what it does. They will follow it in detail.

Social media, particularly Facebook, is an absolutely enthralling platform for marketers. The Internet marketing industry seems t be enamored with mobile marketing, but social media is still changing. New innovations and systems are changing the way users interact with content. Facebook advertising is tightening up and improving in massive ways, largely because Facebook user-ship is down. The company is emphasizing the accuracy and forthrightness of their main source of income. Marketers can be comfortable knowing that Facebook has a major do-or-die incentive to drastically revamp and improve how they advertise. Users and marketers are benefiting. Marketing professionals that stick closely to these tips and strategies will receive a massive boost in traffic as 2016 continues on.

This video provides further tips that could prove helpful to your business: