Don’t Let MLM Guys Ruin Your Wedding

Are these wedding guests really your business prospects?
By: Katsu Nojiri

I am concerned that my friends, who in the past couple of months have become heavily involved in a business that is mostly MLM, will attend our wedding mainly to generate leads. I have a feeling they will use this for their gain.

Why do I care? Personally, and not to be selfish, but I feel our wedding day should be just that, and not a playing ground for sales opportunities. I would be uncomfortable if a couple of days later, they facebooked 50 of my guests (friends and relatives).

So, I’m not sure how to feel about this, or what course of action is.

Also, which adds reason to my concern, is that they are currently perusing our friends through Facebook as leads, and have pushed sales onto us wihout taking no for an answer, several times. I guess the bottom line issue is trust.

You need to read the replies the question asked above on Reddit. Many of the replies are negative, just because there are a lot of MLM haters out there.  It’s hilarious to me when people still call MLM a scam, a cult, or a pyramid scheme; they are entitled to their opinions, perhaps have been burned by rep’s who lack ethics, but they are obviously uninformed.

The overall response was that would not be true friends if they come to a wedding, then Facebook friend 50 of the guests within the next week.