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Tips for Social Media Lead Generation

When most online marketers think about social media, they think of it in terms of brand building instead of sales, but that’s a mistaken assumption. Social media is more than a way to connect with customers and grow a brand; when done properly, marketers can use sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to generate solid […]

Simple to Follow Lead Generation Tips for Periscope

Simple to Follow Lead Generation Tips for Periscope The way in which businesses market their products and services is typically through engaging leads. Leads are people that show interest in a particular product or service that a business provides. For that reason, it’s not surprising that there are many different approaches and programs that have […]

Lead Generation Using Social Media And Your Smart Phone

Social media continues to be one of the most cost effective methods of reaching out to new clients and generating leads. Studies have revealed that the average online surfer maintains accounts on five social media sites and checks them daily. The combined total of people who have accounts on at least one site is expected […]

Four Tips for Generating Leads from Your Blog

The Four Tips for Generating Leads from Your Blog All of the industry leaders out there began with a single day. It was a single idea that set the spark, and they grew their brand one day at a time. They also went through a breakthrough. Something happened that put them over the edge, and […]

Five Tips for Instagram Lead Generation

Running a business successfully takes a lot more than simply having a great product or service. A business owner needs to be able to procure more and more leads to help them promote their product or service to new people at all times. The more people they can get interested in their product, the bigger […]

Generating Leads from Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

When social media was in its nascent stages, businesses had limited opportunities to harness its power for marketing. Now that these tools and platforms have developed with great alacrity, companies are racing to have a place with the most cutting-edge marketing methods. Generating Leads from PInterest is an important skill to learn in a competitive […]

Generating Leads from Instagram: Tips, Tricks, Techniques

Instagram Logo

Instagram is a powerful networking and advertising medium for home-based business ventures. Since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown from 30 million users to a staggering figure of over 300 million users! It allows photos to be captured, cropped, filtered, tinted, and otherwise altered, then posted publicly. In addition, videos no […]

The 3 Smartest Facebook Advertising Tips for 2016

Many online marketers are turning their attention to the mobile market. For them, social media is old news. They will continue to sustain the status quo. But, they are losing sight of some incredible innovations that are happening at the turn of 2016. The Benefits of Facebook Advertising are obvious, but they are also evolving […]

How To Generate Facebook Leads in 2015-2016

When a business uses social media to advertise, they have several methods at their disposal to reach out to prospective clients. Generating leads via a Facebook site is not that difficult when the proper steps are utilized to get the ball rolling. Here are some Facebook advertising tips that can be used to grab the […]