Business Opportunity (MLM) Leads – Buying On-Line

Flickr_Beach_Umbrellas_14004927459_8f823cf297_mAre you looking to buy the best MLM Leads or Business Opportunity Leads?  There are vendors out there that will sell you thin air, sold to you as the greatest leads ever.  You need a dependable company, with honest owners and industry leaders. By finding this page, you have found a great place to buy network marketing leads online!

That’s where our system comes in.  It’s a new innovative system designed to not only teach you to capture and work with leads, but also can delivery you a steady flow of leads each and every month.

Lead packages have run as the following:


The company frequently offers BOGO deals. BOGO stands for Buy One Get One Half off.  So for example, Buy Silver for $660 (and that will bring you about 550 leads), then you can pay an extra $330 and get another 550 leads.  You leads typically start flowing in 24 hours after you place your order, so these are fast leads on line.

Some advantages of selling biz-opp leads:

  1. Products done for you
  2. Promotions done for you
  3. Marketing done for you
  4. Traffic done for you

The system provides

  1. Sales videos
  2. Training for you and your downline in the back office
  3. Live Training every week
  4. Daily Leadership Call (available by phone or internet)

In private video training, Vince says if you want to grow your a thriving business, start or grow your current business, get you books sold, or get more clients for your speaking or coaching business, then you are in the right place at the right time. No longer do you need to do 1-one-1 recruiting, make phone calls from home all day (personal calls), home events hotel events, three-way calls, or learn to use the internet via Social Media and YouTube. You can do social media yourself, but why not leverage your time and effort to give yourself more personal time freedom. With a system like this you will never run out of customers and prospects. At 30 years old, Vince lives in a nice home on a golf course. works out of home, and is always with his family. He’s been working similar businesses now full time for 7 years, since age 23. What do we sell? We sell the number one thing that everyone on planet earth needs, website visitors. If you don’t have visitors, you don’t have a business. We sell traffic.

Every time you click on an ad on Facebook, Facebook is making money on that ad, and a business is running it because they need web traffic. So Facebook, is essentially selling targeted web traffic. Google does the same thing. At the top of every Google search, there are typically 2 to 3 ads, and on the right side, there maybe as many as eight. Thus Google is selling traffic. Same for Bing and Yahoo. This results in millions of dollars income for these companies. Click the link at the bottom of the page to learn more about the truth of how Google and Facebook really make their money.

When a person buys a car, he or she realizes he will need to buy fuel for that car. Same for a business. Anyone who starts or builds a business needs fuel for that business, and that fuel is traffic that converts to customers. Our system is a 100% online business, and doesn’t conflict with your current MLM. As a matter of fact, bring your existing down-line into our system, and then you will find that true reproduction is possible. Many of your down line are not sponsoring because they don’t know how to find good leads. With our system, the Traffic and lead pages, the sales videos, the way to collect money for your sales, all that is done for you. So you are basically counting on experts to do these tasks for you. It would take you years to gain the expertise and testing experience that these leaders have.

By buying leads month after a month, a network marketing rep builds his or her own list of leads, usually in an autoresponder. You can then continue to market to these people for years to come. The best idea to continually give them value, your emails could perhaps have a ratio of 80% value to 20% sales. If all you do is send sales offers to your list, you will see your open rates go down, and your unsubscribe rates go up.

This article has shown a proven company that allows you to buy online network marketing leads, and typically start delivery within 24 hours. The packages are in convenient size bundles, depending on your budget.

Check the video above, then to learn more follow this link: Show me the Details